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  • General History of Dogs

    Since we know that jackals and wolf pups reared by bitches readily acquire the habit. On the other hand, domestic dogs allowed to run wild forget how to bark.

  • Newfoundland: The Aristocrat Among Dogs

    Dogs which take their name from the island of Newfoundland appeal to all lovers of animals. There are two established varieties, the black and white and black.

  • The Collie Dog

    Collie dog makes an excellent sporting dog, and can be taught to do the work of the Pointer and the Setter, as well as the Water Spaniel and the Retriever.

  • The Foxhound Dog

    Very bright and deeply set, full of determination, and with a very steady expression. The look of the Foxhound is very remarkable. Should be perfectly clean.

  • The Most Intelligent Poodle

    The Poodle is acknowledged to be the most wisely intelligent of all canine members. There is a belief that he is a fop, whose time is occupied in embellishment.