Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

The sport dog 100-Acre System SDF 100 is no doubt one of the best wireless fence for dogs in the marketplace nowadays. It gives a durable collar which is waterproofing and has remarkable vibration. It has massive capacity that is different with other systems. It has a 100-acre features that include a double wire of the other systems of fences.

The collar of this Sport dog fences are suitable in wet weather that it gives an excellent waterproofing system. The dogs can move freely like go right ahead and can splash around the fences without making any noise or issues. This kind of system is safe use for dogs especially for little dogs that has 10 lbs. Aside from Waterproof collar; it also comes with 9 volt battery. It also boasts 6 months lifespan of the battery. The system can even cover 100-acre.

Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Wireless Fence for DogsHere are what you can get with Sports In-ground wireless fence for dogs:

  • Disposable Generic 9- Volt Battery
  • The lifespan of the battery will last up to 6 months depending on how the dog likely to challenge with the boundaries of the fences of this system. The collar of this system has a generic standard of 9 volt battery. There will be bit of pain in terms of changing and uses of the collar.
  • Compatible with other Petsafe collars
  • The compatibility of the Containment Fence of Sport Dog is very useful for those people who have large properties but have small dogs.
  • It includes short and long contact points
  • The inclusions of these contact points are grateful and well appreciative in the dog fence kit.
  • Has 4 correction of tone, level settings and vibrate
  • The collar of Sport dog 100 Acre System SDF 100 is best and suitable for most pet dogs. The purpose of this system is not only ideal for dogs with impaired hearing but also this is suitable for all kinds of dogs. The collars of these systems are still vibrating aside from the warning tone that it features. The collar of this system can be used for tone and for vibration without any correction static.
  • There are supplies for Sport Dog Containment Fence Installation
  • -It is recommended to upgrade for the better wire and especially when planning for a large installation of the system. The supplies of wires have doubled the level of the wire of other fence kits.
  • 6 months lifespan of the battery
  • The battery can reach six months depending on how frequent the dog challenges the fence boundaries.


The fence system of Sport Dog sdf-100 has the biggest capacity for any kind of dogs. It gives light corrections through the contact points on the collar that attach to the dogs neck. This Sport dog 100- Acre System SDF 100 is giving pet owners a quality and great value for purchasing this kind of system. It is a kind of system that best option especially for training your dogs. This kind of wireless fence for dogs is surely rough and tough system. This fence is more durable and efficient in dealing with your dogs.