PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Electric Dog Fence Review

PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog FenceWhen we say wireless, there is a modern connotation which suggests that there is a lesser or total absence of numerous wires on a system. Similarly, there is a newest wireless system introduced by PetSafe which is named as Stay + Play Wireless electric dog fence system. It provides freedom for dogs when they are within the area, without thinking of the buried wires.

The transmitter installation inside the home emits wireless signal that covers ¾ of an acre. With the combination of several transmitters, it is possible to attain a wider containment area for the dogs. The wireless system is also portable which means that it can be brought wherever the owner goes for a summer vacation. There will be no conflicts on how to monitor the dog outside the residence area.

Aside from wireless system, there is also a rechargeable and waterproof collar which can be applicable for various dog sizes. During training sessions, there is a “tone-only mode” and the flexible 5 correction levels that can adjust to the preference of the owner. More collars can be used within the system and two of them can be charged concurrently.

Despite the presence of desirable features within the entire dog fence system, there are few considerations when it comes to the installation of a wireless system. The fence system needs a minimal landscaping. Then, no aluminum must be included on the wireless dog fence. The area where the dog fence is installed must be far from huge vehicles and metal buildings. Lastly, one must be oriented that extreme sloping can affect the efficiency of the wireless signal.

The customers are always amazed with the helpful upgraded kits included on the dog fence system’s installation.

  • Owners’ manual
  • Test light tool
  • Probes (short & long)
  • Probe wrench
  • Transmitter
  • Charging adapter
  • Rechargeable collar

Specifically, the collar has its own features. First, the collar has a built-in Lithium Ion battery which is rechargeable. After two to three hours, the battery can be fully charged and can last for a maximum of three weeks. The collar, with a neck size of 6-23 inches, can also be used by most dog sizes. The 5 correction levels of the collars can be adjusted according to the size and dogs’ temperament. Another feature is the durability of the collar. It is also waterproof and the strap can be replaced with other collar straps. Probes (long & short) and a wrench tool are also present on the kits for the easy replacement of the collar. When the battery is already draining, the indicator will automatically flash every five seconds.

The transmitter’s features are also exceptional. It is portable and can be brought wherever the owner takes his dog. There is just a requirement of a normal outlet. With the use of the transmitter knob, the field size is adjustable and can extend a boundary of ¾ acre. A transmitter can also be added for a wider field area. In times of power loss, an alarm will warn the owner.

Stay N Play Wireless Electric Dog Fence system is indeed very functional and can give what the dogs’ need.  It will be a great choice for every dog owner.