PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Review

For efficient and durable dog fence, PetSafe created a whole new in-ground fence which offers high-quality containment system with versatile receiver collar. Introducing PetSafe ‘Rechargeable’ In-Ground Fence for your lovable dogs! So what the catch of having this kind of ‘Rechargeable’ in-ground fence? PetSafe ‘Rechargeable’ in-ground fence provides an excellent containment system that allows you to keep your dogs within your yard area without the need of replacing their collar batteries regularly. Indeed, the PetSafe receiver collar is rechargeable and has a compatible collar in addition therefore you can use it for your other pets.

Its rechargeable yet comfortable collar is suitable for your dog’s weighing from 10 to 150 lbs. and comes in lightweight features. Another best feature of PetSafe rechargeable collar is that it has a quick-charge technology which only takes 2 hours to become fully charge. The collar battery life can also last for almost two months (in normal use) before the need of recharging. While the ‘Rechargeable’ in-ground fence on the other hand id perfect for powering up more than 25-acre yard area. The fence can be installed using only basic DIY (Do-It-Yourself) skill, so if you wanted your in-ground fence to be installed on weekends, you can easily do with using only some simple and easy-to-follow procedures.

Product Features:

  • Suitable with other Receiver Collar

PetSafe Rechargeable In-ground FencePetSafe In-ground ‘Rechargeable’ transmitter is also suitable with the other PetSafe receiver collar therefore it is perfect if you has a single or even a multi-dog household. You can also adjust the transmitter setting according to your pet’s temperament.

  • Progressive Correction Level Capability

This unique rechargeable receiver collar has 4 efficient static correction settings that you can adjust from high, medium to low. The progressive static correction level of the collar increases in strength once your pet continues to approach into the boundary zone.

  • Long & Short Contact Points

The in-ground kit includes set of long and short contact points. The shorter contact points are typically designed for dogs having a shorter coats and dogs with smaller sizes. While the long contact points are especially made for dogs which have a thicker fur and longer coats.

  • Indoor Barrier Compatibility

PetSafe ‘Rechargeable’ in-ground system is also suitable with PetSafe Indoor barrier transmitter. The handy transmitter unit provides wireless barriers within your homes. It also work with PetSafe In-ground Fence on similar function.

  • Large Area Capacity

This PetSafe in-ground system is perfect for those who own a large yard area because it is capable of powering up a 25 acres surface range. It is an excellent alternative for PetSafe YardMax In-Ground fence and other various system.



The Rechargeable PetSafe In-ground fence system offers perfect features to keep your lovable pets within your yard without the need of replacing their collar batteries form time to time. This awesome rechargeable receiver collar of this in-ground fence system makes it more possible to let your dog play and enjoy while keeping them stay within your yards. It also has an easy and quick-charge technology making it more convenient than any other rechargeable collars. It only takes 2 hours to complete the charging process and it can lasts for more than 2 months. PetSafe ‘Rechargeable’ In-ground system is also perfect for those who have a wide backyards because it is capable of powering up an area ranging to 25-acres making it more suitable for a multi-dog household.