Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence Review

Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground FenceOne among the most popular wireless dog fence systems that have been used by many dog owners could be the Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence. This is considered as dog fence system featuring super small collar as well as individual correction levels perfect for those pet owners with pets o different sizes. This system is complete with features that are capable of making the system reliable and on the top option by numbers of customers all over the world.

And here are the features of the collar of this dog fence system:

  • Small and Lightweight – the collar of this Perimeter is considered to be the smallest and the lightest collars being offered in the market today.
  • Digital Frequency Encoding – this is the one that eliminates the stray signal interference right from the dog fence system of the neighbour as well as those other devices that are generating signal.
  • 4+1 Individual Correction Settings – this Ultra collar as well features four correction level settings that are unique and so a progressive setting which increases automatically as the dog would cross towards the boundary line.
  • Comfort Contacts – this Ultimate collar for dogs utilizes conductive rubber contact points that are unique in order to offer great comfort for the dog. It as well offers less irritating and softer feeling on the skin of the dog perfect for those having sensitive skin.
  • Exceptional Waterproofing – this PCC200 collar has no buttons or even dials therefore considered to be waterproof. It could be submerged yet it still functions suitable during rainy seasons.
  • Battery Check – this collar features patented battery check that will ensure that changing battery be done once it is truly useless. This is automatically activated to remind you that you have a low battery already.

Together with the collar would be the transmitter. And for the features of the transmitter, some are the following:

  • Adjustable Boundary Zone – this is being digital intended for precise adjustments. This feature as well is capable of returning or remembering those past settings.
  • Multiple Frequencies – this is considered as the standout feature into the Perimeter technologies transmitter. Through this feature, you are assured that the system will work and so will not be interrupted though there are other systems of devices from the neighbors.
  • Temp Check and Wire Check – this feature automatically adjusts or sense regarding temperature and other electrical changes which could greatly impact the dog fence boundary wire performance. This is of great importance during cold temperatures or within areas having spotty power oftentimes.

Those are the features of this Ultimate automatic dog door system with regards to collar and transmitter. There are already numbers of individuals who have already utilized the said system for the purpose of protecting and securing their dogs within the boundary area. There are numbers of customers who have already availed the product and so they are definitely satisfied with the result provided. And because of that, majority of customers who have purchased the product provided highest possible rating and positive feedbacks as well.