Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Electric Dog Fence Review

Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Electric Dog FenceHavahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Electric Dog Fence is considered as one of the many sought after dog fences. This is because of the innovation of WiFi technology in order to create boundary circle having the radius of until 400 ft. this system has safety feature known as “Boundary Challenge Alert Safety”. It comes also with a rechargeable kind of collar battery.

Upon considering the wireless containment that it has, this wireless electric dog fence is giving superior signal consistency and reliability.

Features of its Base Station

Control Screen (LCD) – Its base station has the capacity to control the set correction level and boundary size for every collar having the easy way of utilizing the screen menu (LCD).

WiFi Technology – Its WiFi technology permits the two-way kind of communication between the collar as well as the base station. This means that the collar that it has can surpass any kind of communication barriers in the boundary of base station. Through this, the owner will be given an alert if there is something happen in the dog.

Boundary Size – the radius of this collar is in circular boundary that sets its base station in the maximum range of 400 ft. its system can perform its best under 300 ft.

Features of the Collar

Indicator Battery – the owner can utilize its small light (LED) found on its collar that will give signal if the battery needs to be charged

Rechargeable Battery – it comes with two lithium kind of ion collar that is rechargeable together with the plug-in kind charger.

Superior Signal – this wireless electric dog fence is offering a great system for better reception as compared with the other competing kind of wireless systems. It comes also with two embedded collar band found in external portion of it in order to promote for a better kind of reception.

Short and Long Prongs – dog owner can expect for two groups of “contact point prongs”, each of this is intended for long hair and even for short hair also.

Individual Correction Levels (5) – this collar is offering five independently correction levels that are adjustable in every collar that every purchaser will expect on this system. The kind of system that it has can accommodate for at least two collars.

Water resistant – this idea is something that every dog owner will consider upon purchasing this product. It is because of the fact that this product is not waterproof. This will serve as a reminder that dogs must be avoided to submerge or splash in the water upon utilizing the collar of this product. The system that it has is rendering an out of bound feature intended for inclusive installations of water.

This product comes in one year warranty. So if there is any defect or problem found in this product you can immediately return it as long as it is under warranty. Fortunately, there are very limited customers who happen to return the product because rest are highly satisfied with the product. Therefore, there is no reason for not purchasing this wireless electric dog fence.